A change of plans that changed two girls future

We started out at 3 a.m. on Friday the 31st for Orlando International Airport. The night before, they moved the flight up an hour which seemed like good news as we had to catch a connecting flight in Atlanta before heading to Honduras. Atlanta had a winter storm and traffic through the city had come to a standstill for the last 3 days. As we were in route to the airport we received a text pushing back our time to fly to Atlanta by 2 hours. Then another text came pushing back the time to the next day and the connecting flight to the day after that. Our trip to Honduras was only 6 days with 2 of those begin wasted in travel. Paying all that money for a trip and being able to spend 2 days in Honduras just didn't make sense. Because we were only 15 minutes from the airport we decided to cancel the trip in person and see if they would reschedule and credit us the tickets and the luggage charges. 

I stayed at curbside while the others tried to see what they could accomplish inside. They cancelled the tickets and were refunded the entire price which was a miracle in itself as others trying to do the same were not getting the same results. We then were able to schedule the trip on American Airlines, but we were going on 2 different flights to Miami and 2 different flights to Honduras. Our tickets were not registering on line so we had to talk to a ticket agent at the counter. He was able to get us all on the same flight and we were not charged any luggage fees for the 8 extra bags and he was able to put us all in exit rows.

We were going to arrive in Honduras 2 hours later but the trip was saved as we were blessed to be going at all. We arrived at our CBC Children's Home and I received a call a short time later. It was Miguel Pinell, our Honduras director and he would be arriving in 15 minutes. He was unable to contact us earlier because of the later arrival time. He had just stopped by Casita Orphanage (a government run orphanage thats more like a juvenile detention center) to pick up the paperwork for the girls we took in last week. He called to say he was also bringing 2 new girls to CBC. We would not have OK'd the new girls due to the fact that we were in the process of looking for 2 house mothers and we would not want to overwhelm the permanent and temporary house moms we have. The phone call from Miguel was telling me that he made the decision to take the girls as he couldn't contact us to get a yes or no answer. 

We received the girls into Casa Hannah and they are a beautiful fit with the other girls in the house. One of the girls has been in Casita for the past 3 years and the other girl has been in "foster care" ever since she was a baby. Both of the girls are looking at this as an awesome opportunity to have a family and change their lives forever. We are excited for their opportunity and also excited to have them as part of our CBC family. I thank God that our flight was cancelled and our other flight was 2 hours later. It's funny sometimes how God uses circumstances because it would have never made sense in our eyes to take in 2 more girls when we needed 2 house moms. We now have 11 girls and 2 babies in our 3 children's homes. We were also able to secure a house mom for Casa Ruth making this trip well worth the hassle of the change of plans. God is good!

Keith Barker