A Day of Firsts


I just spent last weekend on a retreat with the CBC board members, directors in Honduras, and house moms. It was a great time as we prayed over the girls and tried to focus on what God has for us in our immediate future. It was a time to get everyone on the same page and align ourselves with where God is leading. 2014 was a great year as we saw 17 of our girls make a profession of faith. We went from having 4 girls and a baby in January to 20 girls, 2 toddlers, and 5 babies at the end of the year. 

God has blessed us in unbelievable ways and he never ceases to amaze me. We had a great year, but we believe that 2015 will be better. God has set up some relationships with key people in the government. I don’t know what that means for CBC, but I see God at work in circumstances and our goal is to pray, keep watch, and be ready to go when He says go. 

Getting back to our last trip, we were able to spend time Saturday night with the girls playing games and hanging out, as we celebrated all the January and February birthdays. It was a blast and we all made lots of memories. We wrapped the party up about 9 as we had to be at church early the next morning. This was going to be a special service as Antonia was dedicating her baby to the Lord. Antonia has only been with CBC a few months but has made a lasting impression on so many people. Antonia was born with a birth defect and basically has stumps for legs. She has a great demeanor and she impressed my wife Bonnie and I the minute we made her acquaintance. Antonia tends to impact everyone she comes into contact with. During the baby dedication there were many tears of joy. It was very special to me as she named her baby Keith. What an honor. How many Hondurans or even Latinos do you know named Keith?

After the service we headed to a water park in San Pedro Sula. This was my first trip to Zizima. I rode rides the entire afternoon and had the pleasure of riding with 15 of the 20 girls that call CBC home. When we were getting ready to leave, my wife asked me if it was possible to get Antonia to go down one of the rides. This is one of the many things I love about Honduras. In America they wouldn’t have let her go down the slide because of liability, but that is not the case in Honduras.

I pushed Antonia up the walkway until we came to the steps. Kevin and I picked her wheel chair up and carried it up the steps. We would take it up 4 steps and then push it until we came to the next set of steps. As we reached the top Antonia and the wheelchair seemed to get heavier and heavier. When we arrived at the top we got Antonia loaded in the large tube. Then Tita (director of CBC in Honduras), Anai, and I also got in the tube and we were ready to go. The smile on her face was priceless as we began our descent. I was blessed enough to be able to experience 2 firsts in Antonia’s life this day. That Sunday was my favorite day of the trip. 

We also met with the mayor of Choloma the next day and gave him a proposal for the land that they have given us. It is land in a good location and is in close proximity to CCR church, where the girls of CBC and the house mom’s attend. We are excited about the potential for the land as well as the security that this will give our girls. We are hoping to break ground sometime in the first quarter of this year. 

Keith Barker