A life changing experience.. learning to trust

We now have 12 girls and 2 babies in our 3 Compelled by Christ Ministries Children's Homes. On March 10th we are hoping to reunite 2 sisters in our home. We have one sister in our home already. We are scheduled to take in the other sister and the younger sister knows nothing about the reunion. We hope this will be a great day for both of the sisters.

This week we were able to share in the baptisms of 6 of our girls from Compelled by Christ Ministries! Jocelyn (pictured here in the middle of Pastor Jack Hilligoss and Pastor Bonnie Barker, both from HPC in Lake Wales, Florida) Maria, Julissa, Marilu, Carole, and Andrea all were baptized during the special Wednesday evening service at Centro Cristiano La Roca. 

Four of the girls have only been with us since mid January, while Julissa and Marilu came to us in 2013. These 6 girls have all accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and want to live for him. This was a great day for CBC Ministries.  Rosa was baptized in December bringing the total number of girls baptized in our ministry to 7. One of the girls has expressed an interest in baptism after accepting Jesus and another has already been baptized. We want to be in the business of redeeming souls and God is allowing us to be used to help with that. 

I am so proud of the girls from CBC. Nine of the girls have only been with us since the middle of January. They have adapted so beautifully to each other and to their house parents. If you have teenage girls, you know that with teenage girls comes some level of drama. I am amazed that our homes don't have a higher level of drama because of the pasts of all the girls. It is a testament to their wanting to change and have a life filled with hope and abundance. God can do all that!

Most of our girls have been through hell here on earth. We are trying to help them overcome their pasts and want them to have great futures. The ones that have accepted Christ and follow him will have an eternity that they won't be able to fathom. Many of our girls still struggle with trying to overcome certain aspects of their pasts. Some struggle with having re-occurring nightmares about their ordeals. Some struggle with self-worth, where they fit, trust issues, how to love, how to receive love and some struggle with depression and wanting to hurt themselves. One of the girls that was baptized asked, "now that I accepted Jesus when is everything going to change?" She knows how she wants to be, but still struggles to be that person. 

Our house parents need prayer for wisdom and patience as they try to understand and love the girls. The girls need prayer for strength to overcome. The ministry needs prayer for wisdom as our houses are full with the addition of the one sister on March 10th and the 2 babies we have on the way. CBC needs more prayer partners!!! If you would like to be a prayer partner please email me from the contact page and I will share with you with what we would like you to do. We also need financial partners who will sponsor the ministry with any amount to help us prepare to open another house. God has supplied what we needed every step of the way. Will you consider sponsoring CBC Ministries so we can rescue more girls out of sex trafficking and prostitution? For information on sponsoring, send an email from the contact page or check out the sponsoring page on the website.

Keith Barker