A little girls boldness pays off

I just spent 4 days in Honduras and was reflecting on the time invested there. Bonnie and I were accompanied by Pastor Jack Hilligoss and Pastor Biz Gainey. We had an eventful trip! Some of the things we participated in were, a baby dedication, a trip to a government run orphanage, a community meeting with the mayor and the patronados of Candelaria, a trip to the beach, and a church service at CCR in Choloma, where Pastor Jack preached. 

Being part of a baby dedication is such a blessing and I am so proud of Estefanie! She wants baby Bonnie Sofia to be raised in a Godly home. All of our girls that have babies want their children to have a future without the pain that they have had to endure. So far Estefanie, Anai, and Daniella have all dedicated their children to the Lord wanting to raise their children in the presence of God. They want the CBC family to help them provide their children with the love, compassion, and direction needed to raise a child. 

On the day we arrived home we received a text telling us that Sindy had her baby early that morning even though she wasn't scheduled to have her C-section for another week. Our directors had dropped us off at the airport and then arrived back at CBC only to be faced with the dilemma of what to do. They got Sindy ready and accompanied her to the clinic with her house mom Martha. A couple hours later, we had another member added to CBC. Sindy was pretty calm about her birth when I talked with her a couple days earlier, but that was when it was still a week away. Mami Martha, Emuel and Tita did a great job keeping her calm before surgery.  

I could list a dozen impactful things about the trip, but the thing that sticks with me the most happened after we returned home. The two girls pictured in the middle approached Bonnie when we were at Casita. They asked why do you only care about the pregnant girls? Bonnie explained that we love all the girls at Casita. Bonnie told them she was bringing a group in a few weeks and asked if the girls would help facilitate an activity with the rest of the girls at Casita when she returned. 

The next day the girls went to Irma and told her that Pastor Bonnie wants us at CBC. Irma asked them if Bonnie said that and they commented, "she didn't say she didn't want us". So Irma called our directors. Irma and our directors had seen the girls talking with Bonnie at Casita. The girls knew enough information about Bonnie, CBC, and our other girls that Irma and the directors assumed that Bonnie said take them. So we received a call the next morning from our directors saying they were on the way to pick up the two girls. We had also talked with 2 other girls that were pregnant. Bonnie and I had no idea what 2 girls were coming to CBC. We skyped with the two girls later that night. Rosy and Jocelyn's boldness secured them a place in our home and in our family. This is the 2nd time we have received girls into our ministry when we weren't really looking to take in any more. After skyping with them I believe they are exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Keith Barker