A special day for Maria

On my last trip we were just getting settled when I received a phone call telling me that we were going to be receiving 2 more girls. We really hadn't even gotten a chance to get to know the other 4 girls and yet we were receiving 2 more. A couple of weeks ago I had a man tell me we were stupid for taking in the girls that IHNFA sends us because they might be damaged or bad. It made me more determined to do what God tells us to do instead of listening to the noise of people that don't know what God is doing.

We received Andrea and Maria on the afternoon of January 31st and I instantly fell in love with both of them as they both have such sweet spirits. They were both very engaging and Maria didn't seem to have some of the walls built up with strangers that some of the other girls had when we first met them. Maria seemed to adapt to her surroundings seamlessly and she is also a go with the flow type of person. 

Today was an awesome day for Maria as she talked with Pastor Patty and decided she wanted to accept Jesus as her Savior. She is pictured her praying with Pastor Patty and starting her new life with Christ. I am sooo excited for her and for the transformation that all the girls have made in such a short time. I pray that we continue to earn the trust of the girls as trust has to be earned because every one of them has had someone that they trusted betray them. Please pray for Maria as she begins her journey with Christ. Satan will try to discourage and destroy what God has put in place. Great day!

Keith Barker