An Advocate For Others at Age 7

With the addition of new girls to CBC, we always have an abundance of stories that come with each new child. Last week was no different. Each child has a unique story and sometimes we never hear some or all of their story, because they don’t want to share it, which is perfectly OK. Some of them are learning to trust again and they may never share any of their story because they been disillusioned by betrayal from supposed loved ones. We are always blessed to be able to help those that God sends us, but I have been blessed to be able to draw strength from just being around these awesome gifts from God.

We received a sibling group last week as a 7, 5, and 2 year old were taken off the street and placed with DINAF, the new child advocate organization in Honduras. Since God has changed our focus and has taken us in the direction of rescuing and restoring the lives of girls, we have received our first boy! He is 7 years old. We have some other baby boys that were born into the ministry and Denselle (now 2) came with his mother Carole 14 months ago. 

I don’t know a lot about the backgrounds of Diego, Pahola, and Genesis. I do know they were found trying to survive on the streets. It breaks my heart that a child should have to go through this. Situations similar to this happen here in the US everyday as well. Those that work in the school system see this everyday as some kids never reach their true potential, because they are busy surviving, instead of living and thriving.

When our directors were getting the kids situated, Diego told Emuel he just wanted to sleep. Emuel said OK, not thinking anything about it. Diego asked Emuel, is it OK if I sleep? Diego then asked Emuel in a different way, saying, are my sisters going to be safe if I try to sleep? A 7 year old shouldn’t have the responsibility to be the caregiver and protector for his younger sisters, but that’s what he had to become. Emuel assured Diego it was OK and that his sisters were safe. I believe Diego is very special. I look forward to meeting him in person in 4 days.

If Diego is this awesome under these stressful conditions, how great can he become if he doesn’t have the stress of life and the responsibility and safety of his sister’s weighing him down? Every person has the potential to become something great, but sometimes there are those that need help in order to get there. We are blessed to be a part of CBC and witness many that are beginning to see their true potential. Sometimes it takes days, others it takes weeks or months, and some it might take years for them to see and reach their potential. We thank God that we get to see this happen at CBC right before our eyes. Bonnie and I are looking forward to meeting in person, all the new members of CBC.

Keith Barker