Bonnies Visit

Bonnie visited CBCM Children's Home getting ready for Kevin and Cristian's first day of school on February 11th. She implemented a reward system for chores which the boys and the house parents seemed to love. Kevin and Cristian will receive reward points based on their completion of chores around the house and also completion and excellence on their school work. 

Bonnie was very busy as she was exploring opportunities that God had placed in front of us. She was looking at a number of different properties that were recommended for us to see. Rather than stress about all the possibilities, we have placed our faith in God to show us what he needs us to see and he has been faithful to do just that. As we walk by faith, God knows when we need to see something. Looking back he has always shown us at just the right time. 

Please pray for us as we are searching for what God wants us to do, not for what we think we should do.

Keith Barker