Cristian Arrives

Today we got a call that a boy who was living in a very poor neighborhood with no running water or electricity needed a home. He came from a large family and with this economy and no hope for a job in the future his parents wanted him to go to a home where he would be loved. His name is Cristian. He arrived and took in so many things that we take for granted. Many of the things he was seeing today were things he was seeing for the first time. 

He had never used a shower as he bathed in the river. He had never ate a fast food restaurant and hadn't slept in a bed with a mattress. All things we use every day. Cristian was happy to be in a place where he was taken care of. He is a very happy 10 year old and Kevin did a great job at making him feel welcome and show him around. 

Cristian will be starting school on February 11th and this will be a new experience for him as he has never attended school before. He will start in the first grade and I pray it will be a smooth transition for him. He is very smart and picks up on things very quickly. Usually if you tell him something once he has it down, so we are hoping he can get caught up in school a little bit as Allison will be tutoring the boys with many methods of learning.

Keith Barker