Daniella's 1st Gift


Bonnie and I just returned home from Honduras after two weeks. Bonnie led two family groups from HPC with 18 people the first week and 17 people the second week. While we were there we were able to celebrate all the CBC girls birthdays in June and July. One of the girls we were able to celebrate with was Daniella who is pictured to the left. 

Daniella is 12 years old and came to CBC a little more than a month ago. She is 8 months pregnant and is due on July 17th. At the beginning of the 1st week Daniella was still a little standoffish as she was still trying to figure out who she can trust. 

Daniella was taken from her family and only spent a few days at Casita before she was transitioned into our home. Daniella's father died when she was young and her mom got remarried. Daniella's mom couldn't protect her as she endured years of abuse. 

Daniella has a sweet spirit and I watched her become more and more open as the 2 weeks unfolded. We were able to have a baby shower for the babies of CBC and their mothers as well as the expectant mothers. Daniella was given gift bags for her son who will be named Daniel Isaias. We all watched as she opened the bags and pulled out the onesies, outfits, diapers and bottles from the various bags. All of the gifts but one, were placed neatly in the gift bags. 

She then got to a gift that was wrapped. Daniella said gracias and placed the wrapped gift in the baby's stroller. It was kind of odd as she didn't open it to see what it was. It then dawned on us that she had never received a wrapped gift or probably any other gift in her 12 years. We had to show her how to open it as I am sure she thought to herself, why are these crazy Americans giving me paper as a gift? As she began carefully tearing the paper off the gift, one of the ladies in our group lost it as she had to leave the room. She couldn't fathom all the things that Daniella must have gone through to get here. 

Daniella is a special child to be able to have the strength to overcome all of this. You forget that she is 12 because she had to grow up quickly as her childhood was stripped away from her. She is still recovering and will be recovering for some time. My hope is that she soon places her faith in Jesus and asks him to help her overcome and share in a redemptive grace that only Jesus can provide. I have hope in this, as over the two week period, she became open to hugs instead of shying away from them. By the time I return to Honduras in August, I will be a grandpa once again. I am looking forward to seeing Daniel Isaias for the first time and seeing Daniella's continued progress. 

Keith Barker