Feeling Helpless to Help

Friday, I received a call from my wife Bonnie telling me that one of our girls was having a very difficult time right now being a mother. She had reached a point of frustration and was disillusioned as she was remembering her abuse when she looked at her baby. She was disappointed in herself and she felt unworthy and ashamed. We talked to our directors in Choloma and decided to Skype that evening so we could see everyone when we talked. 

Bonnie and I have been discussing what to do with all our girls who are mothers. We have a 17 year old, two 15 year olds, and one 12 year old that have babies now. We also have a 17 year old that will give birth in September and a 12 year old that will give birth in October. Its unfair to expect these girls to be mothers and its unfair to help them by taking their babies away from them, so they can be the girls that they were intended to be. Their circumstances have caused them enough pain already. They love their babies, but feel trapped at the same time. 

We began talking in detail about a plan that God put on our hearts in a big way on Thursday. We both felt a sense of urgency, but didn't know why. Friday morning we felt God telling us to move so we decided to put the plan in action. We needed another house to rent, house parents and some special people to invest in our girls. Bonnie got a message that morning about one of the girls having a difficult time.

We skyped that night and talked with the directors. We discussed what Bonnie and I were feeling God was wanting us to do and it made them relieved as now there is a solution to the problem. We also met Magdelena, CBC's latest addition. She is shy, but very happy to be at CBC as she spent a year and 4 months at Casita. I can't wait to meet her in person! She is 16 years old and has a two year old. Her baby is not with her and we are working on figuring all that out. Next we met with the girl that was having a difficult time. It broke my heart listening to how she felt about herself. Bonnie encouraged her and talked her through the different situations. She felt a little bit better, but still felt ashamed, and was worried we would be disappointed in her. Bonnie told her she was proud of her and told her about the plan for her and her baby. Tears streamed down her face as she shared about her frustrations and not wanting to feel the way she does. 

After Bonnie spent about 20 minutes talking with her, our youngest son Zack arrived at home. Zack and I had just spent 5 days in Honduras with the girls during the 1st week of August. We had a blast and especially had good times playing games and making jewelry with the girls from her house. When Zack said hi to her via Skype her whole demeanor changed. She smiled and laughed. It make Bonnie and I feel great knowing our son made a difference at that moment when she needed some hope. 

God-willing we will be renting another house. The house 2 doors down from Casa Hannah became available Friday. We also have house parents that want to take care of babies that Bonnie will be talking to in person when she goes to Honduras over Labor Day weekend. God orchestrated his plan (AGAIN) and worked out the details so we didn't have to.  Bonnie and I both feel so blessed to be a part of CBC. God always shows up when he burdens us with something or he tells us to do something. I went from feeling helpless to help to content knowing God has it figured out.

Please pray for the girls of CBC. They will or have felt ashamed, guilty, disillusioned, helpless, trapped, unworthy, and unloved. The girls have made great strides and continue to amaze me, but they still have a lot of healing to do. God is changing them and satan doesn't like it, so we have to expect trials and valleys. Please say a pray for them each morning. Thanks in advance. 

Keith Barker