First Children's Home

I havent had internet for a few days so I havent been able to post anything. This has been a great week with a number of highlights over the last few days. 

We signed a contract today to open our first children's home and the experience was more than I was hoping for. We had members from HPC bring clothes and household items for the home and we were able to organize those items. We signed the contract with the owner of the house (Maria Henriquez) and she is touching up a few things on the house for us. After we were handed the keys we prayed with her for a couple of minutes (Honduran style, all at the same time) which was great. When we were done Maria prayed for us and thanked God about raising her sons there and hopefully many more kids with salvation and blessing from God. She "threw down her prayer with passion" as Bonnie and I were touched and brought to tears. We are anticipating to see her prayer come true as our goal is to see many children and adults come to know Christ through this ministry.

I was also able to go walk the potential property with 2 board members and we were able to come up with a plan of prayer for a week before I meet with Mayor Nelson Castellanos of Concepcion Del Sur. We all loved the town and all thought of potential ministries that we could start on the property. We want to make sure this is where God wants us so we are needing wisdom and discernment as we seek his will. Hopefully I will be making a proposal to the mayor next Thursday.

Another good note was the conditon of the children at a state run orphanage that we serve at. Although the conditions aren't ideal they are not horrific like we have seen in the past. 

Pastor Paola has been released from the hospital and is continuing to rest at home. I am still asking for prayer as she needs lots of rest as she still has 3 months of her pregnancy left. Getting ready for church in Potrerillos and the smell of great food is driving me crazy. Hope to have a spirit filled service and a great time. 

Keith Barker