First Group

We are getting ready for our first official group from SLWCOG. They will be arriving in about 5 hours and we are looking forward to having a great week with them. Pastor Nate is crazy so it should be an awesome week of fun, fellowship, serving, and seeking God. We have some work to do at CCR church in Choloma, work on our children's home in Potrerillos, VBS in Potrerillos, as well as visiting 2 gov't run orphanages. We are praying for open hearts as we want God to change everyone in the group as well as everyone we come into contact with. CCR church in Choloma has prepared a cowboy night church service for tomorrow and I know it will be a great time and I know God will show up and meet us there for a great time of worship and the word. My son Jordan is preaching so i pray that God speaks through him and touches us all.

We may have a couple of potential kids for our home as they are living on the street, but they do not trust anyone probably based on past circumstances. We want to take in the kids that God brings us. I was not searching for this opportunity so I am figuring this is a God thing and am going to explore it. I will be talking with our lawyer tomorrow to get details worked out. In the mean time I will try and get these kids to trust us so they can be placed  in our home. Kids would rather live on the street than live in the govt orphanages and a couple of the kids have escaped from a facility here in San Pedro. We want to give them a family where they can belong. Pray that God works on the kids hearts and that the process goes as God has planned. I will get back on when I can but we do not have internet access where we are being lodged.

Keith Barker