First Post

Our family just got back from a Thanksgiving trip to Honduras. My wife, Bonnie, spoke at the wrap up ceremony of an 8 week marriage enrichment at CCR church in Choloma. There were over 60 couples that took part in the ceremony. Bonnie taught on love languages and every couple went home with a book on the 5 love languages. My oldest son Jordan preached on Sunday at the CCR church in Choloma and on Thursday in Potrerillos at the Church of Open Arms. The main purpose of the trip was to meet with our lawyer who is completing the paperwork for our Compelled by Christ Ministries Children's Homes. We had a good meeting and I am looking forward to being able to get started on helping kids to a better life and an eternity with hope. 

While we were in Honduras a government-run orphanage burned so they had to evacuate and move the children to a make-shift facility, formerly a nursing home. We visited the home and took blankets, childrens clothes, and food supplies.The blankets and clothes were originally going to go to a hospital in Santa Barbara. We are still collecting receiving blankets and onesies to take to the hospital as many of the babies born there are sent home wrapped in newspaper with no diapers. We would like to change that by supplying them with as many blankets, clothes, and diapers as possible. 

We were able to see some of kids from the orphanage but they didnt really have a good place to play so it was kind of hard. We spent most of our time with the babies. It was sad as it appeared a couple of the kids had given up on life. We fed the toddlers rice but had to do the airplane move to get them to eat anything. When we left I was very sad but God must have known I needed a pick me up. We left and after running some errands we went to Pricesmart (like Sam's club) to eat. When we were leaving a man that we saw at the orphanage was coming in to eat at Pricesmart. He and his wife also had with them 10 boys from the orphanage. They were taking the boys home to the Friends of Jesus orphanage and had just taken the boys to get shoes from Payless. The kids at this goverment run orphanage never have had shoes on every time I have visited. We were able to help the boys get fountain drinks as it looked like they have never used a fountain drink machine before. We chatted for a while and left on a great note. A tragic event was ended up being a blessing for 10 boys. It was a great day.

Keith Barker