Four sweet girls have found their forever home

Nichole (17) and Nelsi (almost 1) arrived at the Compelled by Christ home on Wednesday, November 20th in the afternoon.  Nichole and her baby were released to CBC from a government orphanage called Casita.  Nichole grew up in one of the roughest areas of Honduras.  A couple of years ago Nichole's mom decided that she didn't want her anymore.  She kicked her out of the family home and Nichole lived with friends for awhile.  She moved back  home temporarily.  Her mom then took her to Casita and left her there with her baby.  Nichole has longed for a second chance and a family.  She now has both!

Kenia (15) and Cinthia (1) also arrived at the CBC home on Wednesday, November 20th.  Kenia has had a rough past.  Her mom "sold" her to men starting at the age of 8.  She became pregnant at the age of 14.  After she gave birth to her baby she lived on the streets.  The police found her and her baby and took them to Nueva Esperanza (a government orphanage).  Kenia was transferred without her baby to Casita (an orphanage for older girls).  She longed to be reunited with her baby.  God has heard her prayers and they are living together in their new home!  Cinthia is a content little baby.  She hardly cries but is loving her new home and all the attention that she is receiving!

Keith Barker