God's favor realized

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012. I had to be up early, but was up even earlier as I was anxious about my day and couldn't sleep. I left for the town of Concepcion Del Sur with a driver and an interpreter and alot of anticipation. I was going to meet Mayor Nelson Castellanos and give him a proposal about what our ministry needs there to start a children's home and launch an effective ministry to meet some of the needs of the town. When we arrived the mayor wasn't in so we went to look at the land one more time. I had seen the land 3 other times but was awestruck with the beauty of God's creation. This land is at the edge of the mountain and it overlooks a valley and has mountains as the entire backdrop as you look out over the valley. As I stood there I thought of so many possibilities for ministry.

We went to the mayor's office and he graciously agreed to give us 10 acres of land, a road to our site, construction equipment to prepare the building site, and construction monies to help build our first building. We are eagerly awaiting what God is going to do next with this property, children's home, and ministry as a whole in Concepcion Del Sur.

We went to Potrerillos to work on the home we rented for our 1st children's home. We were able to get shelving units installed and move in some of the furniture, beds, and appliances that were needed for the home. We received a call from Yann Copley as a mother had brought a child to a center that takes in children that are in distress. She was trying to protect him by getting him out of the environment that he lives in. She didn't want to give him up but they live in an area where gangs recruit kids his age that are free time on their hands. The mom is struggling to find work and when she does work he is unsupervised and takes to the streets. I don't know how single mothers raise children by themselves. I feel for these mothers both here in the states and in Honduras. Mario was given to us this night as the SLWCOG group allowed us to change our plans for their group and go along with us as we picked him up. The next morning when we finalized some paperwork Mario's mother brought one more set of clothes and a couple of his personal items. We are going to set up visitation so he can still have a relationship with his mother and sisters. 

This day was the highlight of my trip as I saw God extraordinarily provide and show his power with some of the things he set up and worked out. I realized how insignificant my plans are. When I line myself up with where God is, something awesome always happens. I have realized that I need to plan less and focus more on being in the presence of God because when I am too busy I tend to miss what he's doing and has already done. 

So excited about the future!

Keith Barker