HPC Youth

We just had an awesome week with some of the members of the HPC youth group from Lake Wales, Florida. Altogether the group totaled 26 people with leaders and kids. We had a fun filled week as the group did VBS at 2 larger orphanages, 2 schools, and a church. The group also painted the inside of Centro Cristiana La Roca church as the whole group did an awesome job painting. The group also built a house, played soccer, went to 3 church services and ministered to many people in a busy week. 

My favorite memory of the week was visiting Nueva Esperanza and watching the youth group minister to the babies and special needs children in the nursery. The students played, laughed, fed the babies, but had a hard time leaving as their hearts were filled with compassion for the kids they just met. I was in charge of the games when we did VBS and was very impressed with the leaders and students as they engaged the kids and made sure they had an awesome time during games. I think the youth group  had as much fun as the kids they were ministering to. 

The church services were also amazing as the praise and worship was unbelievable. Watching the kids worship and have fun doing it is how worship should be. I can't wait to see what God has in store for these students as they go back home. I believe we will see many great things out of them in the future. I am very proud of Pastor Mickey and the Y

Keith Barker