It's a girl!... and a boy!

Meet Daniella. Daniella, pictured in the middle, is surrounded on the left by Bonnie Barker and Miguel Pinell and on the right by Tita and Emuel Lopez. Daniella is 14 years old and is 6 months pregnant by no fault of her own. 
She was only at Casita (a gov't run orphanage for only girls) 2 weeks before she was transferred to CBC. We are hoping that with a loving mom, a loving CBC ministry, a loving CCR church, and a loving God she will begin a quick and powerful healing process. 

I met Daniella via Skype and she looked terrified not knowing if she can trust us, as she has been betrayed by those that were supposed to take care of her. I know when I return to Honduras in June I will see a different Daniella. I am confident I will meet a Daniella where her fear is replaced with hope. God has placed us in the favor of IHNFA as they are sending us pregnant girls to care for and love as we have proven that we can AND will love them wherever they are at. 

I am so excited to introduce you to Emuel David! Anai gave birth to a baby boy on Friday May 30th. Anai had a rough time as she was in labor for 26 long hours. Earlier in the week she had false labor pains as she had contractions for an hour and then was sent home from the hospital. Mom and baby are doing great as Anai is trying to rest up after a very long labor. Emuel weighed in at 5 1/2 pounds.

Emuel David will have many aunts as all the girls of CBC pitch together and help take care of everybody. Emuel David was named after Emuel Lopez who is one of our house parents. Emuel and his wife Tita have had such a profound effect on all the girls of CBC that Anai wanted to honor Emuel by naming her son after him. We are thankful for a man of God that treats our girls how they deserve to be treated; like princesses of God. 

Keith Barker