Kevin's Arrival

We received a call today about a boy who was living on the streets in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He had run away from his home as his caretakers were physically abusing him and he finally had enough. He figured he would rather get by on the street than to continue to take the abuse he has endured since he was young. He took to the streets and was living there when a center called and asked if we could take him in. Kevin has scars, both physical and mental, that he needs to heal from. He was ill and was given injections and medicine to get rid of parasites that he probably picked up while living on the streets for the past couple of months. Kevin will be starting school in February as their school year begins then. He will be attending the local Christian school where we are hoping he can catch up a little to where he should be in school. We are hoping Kevin can adapt to a home with love and structure so he can become what God intended him to be.

Keith Barker