Making Room

During our last trip to Honduras we went to Casita which we do on most trips. Casita is a one of the government run orphanages in Honduras. It houses only girls. On our last trip we met a couple girls at Casita that the director wanted us to take in, but her boss wouldn't let us. Both of the girls were pregnant and there were other good reasons why the director's boss wouldn't let us take the girls. The one girl grew up very close to where we are located which could cause safety concerns for the ministry. The other girl was physically challenged and all our Children's Homes have all the bedrooms upstairs making it an impossible task to care for her as she wouldn't have been able to climb the stairs.

We promised to bring a wheel chair back for Antonia (pictured here) on Bonnie's next trip. Bonnie took the Southeastern/Lake Wales Rotary group to Casita this week and Bonnie was able to give her the wheel chair. We have been blessed to be able to take in 4 pregnant girls this year with all the girls giving birth in the last 6 months. Many orphanages don't want a pregnant girl because of the cost, extra care, and awkwardness of seeing young girls that should be enjoying their childhoods, but instead have to become mothers at no fault of their own. This was the case as well with Antonia. She is almost 6 months pregnant. It would have been almost impossible for her to get around, being pregnant, without a wheel chair. 

When I met Antonia I was drawn to her sweet spirit. Bonnie and I felt like we should take Antonia in but things didn't feel right at the time. Now was the time. When Antonia found out she would be going to CBC, Bonnie said she cried for an hour because she was so happy. Nidia,(not pregnant) the other girl pictured beside Bonnie, also became a member of CBC because of her boldness. She asked Irma (the director's boss) why couldn't she go to CBC? Our directors and Bonnie were kind of caught off guard, but decided to turn our team house into a home for 3 girls with a house mom. Bonnie and I both felt something special about Antonia on our last visit. Bonnie followed with obedience in getting her to CBC. I believe God will bless us for that. 

We have a prayer need as we have been given land in Choloma near our sister church. Our goal in the future is to build houses that will meet the needs of CBC and all the girls. We have applied for 2 grants that would help aid in the building process. The houses we now rent are great, but are not as user friendly as we want them to be. In each house the bedrooms will be upstairs with one bedroom being downstairs to accommodate situations like Antonias. Please pray that we continue to have the strength to follow in obedience rather than doing what makes sense to us as God is able to give us immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. 

Keith Barker