Meet Magdelena and Carolyn

Magdelena (pictured 1st and 4th) is a shy 15 year old that came to us about 3 weeks ago. She has adapted well and loves being a part of the CBC family. She has a two year old boy that is not with us due to some medical complications with her boy. We are trying to find out specifics about her case to possibly reunite them. 

Carolyn (pictured 2nd and 3rd) came to us this last Wednesday. As you can see she has a great smile and is loving her new home. She has a contagious personality and so far every time I have seen her she has had a smile on her face. I can't wait to meet both of these young ladies in person.

During my last visit to Honduras at the beginning of August, I met with our CBC directors in Honduras and told them that we would not be taking in any more children at the present time. Our expenses for each month for all of this year have exceeded our faithful monthly sponsors. The difference has been made up with many one-time gifts. Our savings, however, dipped to a level that placed a certain level of fear in my head, hence the conversation with our directors in Honduras. 

After I returned home, Bonnie and I skyped with our Honduras directors a few days later. I was convicted and we told them to take in a girl if INHFA called. God hadn't directed us to stop taking in children, but it just made sense. The overwhelming burden of responsibility had caused me to think rationally and in our own power, forgetting about the awesomeness of God's power. We had told God we would take in whoever God sends us. I lost sight of that for a few days and let fear in. A couple days later we took in Magdelena and a few days after that we received a check for over $5000. God is always faithful even when we aren't. This week we were blessed to take in Carolyn.

I thank God for all the people and churches that make occasional one-time gifts allowing us to cover our expenses for the month. I can't say enough about our many faithful monthly sponsors. They allow us to be able to breathe, plan and focus on where God is moving instead of thinking about raising money. Without their generosity we wouldn't be able to do what God has called us to do. Please remember to keep the CBC family in your prayers.


Keith Barker