Meeting with the Mayor of Choloma

 am scheduled to meet with the mayor of Choloma this Saturday, March 16th. Yann Copley, the founder of Casa Elias, and I will be meeting with the mayor and another government official to talk about the possibilities of partnering together to minister to the youth of Choloma. We have been offered an opportunity with land and endless possibilities and I will be exploring those options this weekend. 

We are also moving the CBCM Children's Home to Choloma to make the planning and implementing of our ministry objectives more efficient. I am excited to get situated in the new house and see all the boys in person as I have only talked with them this month by Skype. 

Kevin, Cristian, Osmar, and Darwin will be starting in a new school on Monday. Please remember to pray for them as this will be another new start. I will keep you updated from Honduras as this weekend unfolds.

Keith Barker