Miracles and Facials

I just returned home from a short trip to Honduras. My mother was able to go with me on this trip and my sole purpose was to spend time with the CBC family. No other plans or obligations except to invest in the relationships with my daughters, sons, granddaughters, and grandsons. I love the growth of the CBC ministry, as I believe, we are at the best place we have ever been. The leadership of the directors, house moms, tutors, mentors and anyone else involved in investing in our CBC family continues to constantly evolve and improve. I am amazed at the continued growth of the girls as Pastora meets with them weekly to have Bible study and more, teaching the girls about God, themselves and serving others. Almost all the girls attend school on a daily basis, even though some of them are years behind in school because of life completely beyond their control. Our leadership is constantly working to add activities, instruction and experiences that will help their lives to become more rounded. What a blessing it is to have like-mindedness with others, while seeking God's direction.

While I was there, a group of Rotarians from Lake Wales and surrounding areas and a group of students from Southeastern University arrived to serve. I had two favorite moments on this trip. One of those moments was sharing some defining moments with the SEU students. As I shared, I was reminded of the many blessings I have encountered on this journey. I have witnessed unbelievable projects being completed, salvations, baptisms, life change, and miracles. I have truly been blessed, more than I have blessed others. God reminded me of one of the miracles we have been fortunate to witness twice. Usually when we do VBS in schools and communities, we provide a craft. We would count the kids and make sure we had enough crafts. On one such occasion we had 55 kids and only 50 crafts. The stress that comes over you when you want to make sure that each child has a craft and knowing you are going to disappoint some child is terrible. So you count again. And again, but with the same result, 50. 

We started to pass out the crafts and as we did the person passing them out had to decide what boys and girls were not going to get one. But as the crafts were passed out every child got one. The person that counted the crafts kept saying, "I know there was only 50, I know there was only 50." This happened again on another trip and my wife Bonnie just told them, just pass them out it will be OK. We realized pretty quick on this journey that God even cares if every child gets a craft. After these events, we started asking God to open our eyes to see the miracles right in front of us.

My other favorite moment on this trip was the night where the SEU girls provided facials for the CBC girls. I talked Escarlett into getting a facial and although I know I didn't need a facial, I got a clear facial to help her feel more at ease. It was a night full of fun and laughs. This was one of my favorite trips as I was able to spend a lot of time just hanging out with the girls.I am always such a proud papa as the girls always impress me with their sweet spirits and acts of service for others.

Keith Barker