More Than We Asked For


Today our representative in Honduras met with the mayor about the land we were discussing. They were considering giving us 1 manzana of land, which is about 1 and 3/4 acres. In order to be given the land, the mayor and all the council members would have to be unanimous in their decision. The mayor and 9 of the council members had already voted to give us the land so we were just waiting on the other 5. Julissa, our representative, sent a text a little before 1 and told us to pray as she was preparing to go into the meeting. She was nervous for the meeting and asked us to prayer for God's favor and presence to be at the meeting.

She texted back a little while later and told us that they had voted to give us the land. The great thing about the land is its close vicinity to CCR church. When we move to the land it will help us with transportation issues in getting to church when we have mission groups there. The land is about 2 blocks from the church. Long term, our facilities will be able to be used by the church when they have an all church meeting. When we design our facilities we will ask God to give us a vision as to what he wants. We will ask God, How we can help the church and how we can help the community with what we have been given?

Julissa has also submitted a grant to help us build our first houses. Pastor Jack Hilligoss and Noreta Bish have helped us submit a grant for the Church of God as well. We are petitioning God to place us in the favor of those that are deciding on the grants. We won't know on the grants until January so please say a prayer for us until we receive word that we have been awarded the grants. 

The most awesome thing about CBC is the surprising blessings we get to be a part of everyday. God always shows up! Today, without our knowledge, Julissa asked for 2 manzanas instead of one. When she sent us the text she told us they said yes, and by the way we have 2 manzanas instead of 1. We have had a great week!!! We have been given more land than we were expecting. We had our 3rd baby born into the ministry this week. When baby Bonnie Sofia was born and had to stay at the hospital many people bathed her in prayer. Early yesterday morning, we were told she may have to go to a private hospital (as we wouldn't send her to the public hospital, if you saw the conditions you would understand) and Bonnie and I were trying to figure how we were going to raise money to cover this. In a few hours time, baby Bonnie Sofia went from having to go to another hospital for treatment to being able to go home to her mother. God is good. 

Bonnie and I are headed to Honduras tomorrow. I am excited to take pictures of the land and begin to dream about what God is going to do with that land and the facilities that will be there. More to come..

Keith Barker