My first return trip to the children's home

It was awesome to meet Kevin in person, our first permanent child in our Children's Home. We played some games on the computer together, I beat him at connect four, and we went to dinner as a big group for Pastor Paola's birthday and just hung out together. I was also there to check on our house parents Bairon and Keila and make sure things are going well for them. Keila has some sists that have grown and needs surgery so she is on antibiotics to try and decrease the size of the sists before she has surgery. She was in some pain at different times when i was there and many times not 100%. I pray that God heals her completely without surgery, but if not, I pray that the sists decrease so that surgery will be easier. I look forward to being able to return to see Bairon, Keila, and Kevin become a happy and healthy family.

Keith Barker