Pastor's Conference and Dinner

While I was in Honduras for Christmas week I had made plans to go to the Pastor's Conference at Lake Yojoa. My teaching partner at Roosevelt Academy (Henry Smith) connects Pastors in Honduras with sister churches here in the United States. The goal is for the US church to help support the Pastor in Honduras so they don't have to work a full time job as well as follow their calling. If it works properly the church in the US is fully engaged (prayer, mission trips, relationships, and financial help) with the church in Honduras which if done right is going to bless both churches. My church (HPC in Lake Wales, FL) has two sister churches and our Pastors in Honduras have been instrumental in the success of CBC Ministries. The conference had an awesome time of prayer and I was so thankful that I attended as God spoke to me about a number of things while praying. The food was good too. I spoke at the conference for a couple minutes about CBC, but wasn't terribly uncomfortable like I usually am. The board of Helping Hands of Christ Ministries, two pastors of sister churches, and some of the members of sister church congregations came to CBC's Casa Hannah to eat dinner on December 28. They met 4 of our girls at the dinner. One of our girls, Nicol, helped make and serve dinner to the group. I was very, very proud to say she was one CBC's kids, just as I am about all our girls. Five of our other girls had dance ministry practice for the church. They arrived back at home just as the group was getting ready to leave. It was such a blessing to have them at the house! The next day we saw them again at CCR church in Choloma and we were all part of a great service. My highlight of the day was praying with Henry Smith for Nicol as she is wanting the Holy Spirit to help her follow Christ every day. We prayed for her to receive the Holy Spirit and I am so thankful to Henry Smith for inviting me to come to Honduras 7 years ago. It has changed my life. It has caused me to love people more and do more for others, both here in the US and in Honduras.

Keith Barker