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Yesterday we called back to Florida to have my son bring some things for our first children's home. The house is empty as it is new and we need to furnish it. We are getting the big things here but some of the smaller are cheaper in the states. When we called back to see if he purchased everything we asked for, we were blessed to hear that our son's girlfriend's family had decided to purchase the bathroom stuff we needed and some of the other stuff we needed for the house. We are also blessed as some of our group is bringing supplies for the house so we wont have as much out of pocket expenses, which will allow us to use the money for the childrens living expenses. We have been blessed as the people surrounding Lake Wales, Florida and many others have been very generous. 

We received word yesterday that the spouse of one of our pastors needs a touch from God. She is having complications and has been hospitalized. She is 6 months pregnant and is having discharge which is of great concern for the doctors. We are asking prayer for Pastor Paula and her family as we are trusting God for a miracle. Please pray for her as they will find out what they are going to do on Monday.

We went to the Musical Garage last night in San Pedro Sula and had an awesome time. Two bands played jammin Christian music and worship music. It was great to see all the young people at MG worshiping and having a blast when they could be somewhere else. This morning we are headed to Pastor Walter's church where we always have a great and blessed time. I cant wait as our first group from HPC comes in the afternoon tomorrow. I am looking forward to our projects, going to the orphanage and building relationships with the people.

Keith Barker