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This has been an EXCITING week for CBCM in Honduras. We have secured our first children's home and will be working on it next week so we can take in children the week after. We are asking God to bring us the children He wants us to have in our home. We have a number of potential kids that are in distress and haven't been turned over to the government yet. We are hoping to fill this home with kids that need the love of a family while having their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met. We have our first house parents and are looking forward to the safe arrival of our first kids. 

God has also given us favor as we have a town that wants us to build our ministry there. We are seeking God's guidance as we have been offered 4 free acres and preparation of the land for construction, which would save us huge expenses. The mayor's vision for his town inspires me to want to partner with them in this endeavor. We ask for prayer as we want to make sure this is God's will for the ministry. 

It was also a sad day to hear about the shooting in Colorado. My heart goes out to the people affected by this tradegy and pray for comfort that only God can give.

Keith Barker