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We are still in the waiting process as far as the paperwork for the children's homes is concerned. It seems like it is taking forever but in reality it has been about 5 months. I am hoping that by the end of May we are on to the next step. When we get through the Personeria Juridica stage, we will have to be licensed by IHNFA which is the equivalent to DCF in the states. That process will take about 2 months. Please pray that God's favor rests on us as we continue on in this process. Although its not progressing as fast as I would like, I know this has be done in God's timing, not mine. I am excited as we are taking two groups down to Honduras this summer and I am going to attend  Language Immersion School. Hopefully I prove to be smart enough to speak another language soon. CBCM is taking our first group to Honduras this summer. The group is from South Lake Wales Church of God in Lake Wales, Florida. Pastor Nate Swearingen is taking down a combined total of 17 students and leaders from his church. Much thanks to Pastor Nate as I am sure our first group is going to be awesome and a great memory as our first official group.

Keith Barker