Rosa gets baptized

What a difference a few months can make! Rosa came to us on the day she was going to be sold to a man. Yes, I did say sold. We got a phone call from a pastor telling us this awful story. Rosa's parents died when she was young and Rosa was sent to a government run orphanage for a while. One of her family members felt guilty that she was in that place so they petitioned to get her out. She lived with different family members off and on and never felt like a "member" of the family. Rosa had to earn her keep and the family reached a point where they didn't want to continue providing for her so they decided to sell her to a man. She would move into his house and become one of his girls while he would provide her with the necessities. Think about that for a 13 year old girl, in exchange for sex and some chores she would have a place to live. Rosa had talked to this man on the phone the day she came to CBC and at first thought our Children's Home was the home of this man. Rosa soon realized our Children's Home wasn't that place of despair but a place where her dreams could come to fruition. 

Rosa loved church at CCR in Choloma and accepted Christ as her Savior after 2 weeks with CBC. She went through baptism classes and was baptized on December 1st. Rosa has also went through classes to be part of the dance ministry at CCR and will start participating in the services soon. We rejoice with her in her baptism and CBC is so excited to see what God is going to do with her next! I look forward to the day when I will get to see her worshipping in the dance ministry.

CBC longs for opportunities like these where God has allowed us to a part of changing her future, but more importantly, helping to change her eternity. 

Rosa was able to go back to school again where she is excelling. She will be in the 6th grade when school starts up after the holidays. We are glad to have her as a member of our CBC family.

Keith Barker