My sister, Kim and I, grew up in the same house with the same parents, the same rules and the same opportunities for each of us, but you would have never thought that based on our different outlooks on life. When we were given something, my sister would be excited for what she received, while I would be contemplating what I didn’t get. One time in particular I can recall my parents buying us a game for our computer, but I was longing for an Activision or Atari game system instead. As a kid, I struggled with this most of the time. Kim had a half full glass mentality, while I had a half empty glass mentality. We had the same circumstances, but much different thinking about those circumstances. 

Compelled by Christ Ministries rescues, redeems, and restores children that have been abused, abandoned, and neglected. When CBC started, we focused on rescuing boys because we wanted to change their future families. The problem with rescuing boys off the streets was that they would bolt back to the streets when there was any type of conflict. This was heartbreaking, but God had a plan. CBC changed our focus when we rescued a girl on the day that she was going to be sold. A few months later we rescued another girl. Then God started using us to help redeem and restore the lives of girls that the government of Honduras rescued. God kept growing CBC as he began bringing us more and more girls. We took in pregnant girls and older girls that most other orphanages didn’t want. 

We were obeying as God continued blessing. He brought us the right people at just the right time. So many groups provide help, but sometimes they help with what they THINK the people need. In the past, we have done the same. But since that time we have built relationships with the local government and business leaders. We now ask them what the needs are and they help us formulate a plan on what needs are most important. 

As the ministry grew and as the girls got older we had to come up with a plan on how to transition the girls into adulthood. The majority of the kids at public and private orphanages “get put out” at 18 years of age. Some call it released and that would probably be an accurate word. It’s like releasing a tame animal into the wild. They are going to have to struggle and fight to survive and probably aren't equipped with the right experiences to be successful. We had a plan. The government had a plan. They were much different plans. In most cases, the government believes girls should be put out and earn their keep at 18. We respectfully disagreed. We believed that we could do more and that the girls were created for more than just earning their keep.

We put a transitional program in place and it had its successes as well as its failures. One of our girls has transitioned into being a “house sister” and is doing an unbelievable job. We are truly blessed to have her. On the flip side of that is a heartbreaking disaster. We had one girl in our transition program that was making poor choices. In the course of trying to save her, we lost 3 others. This was disheartening to say the least and it caused me to slip back into the half empty mentality. For the past 2+ months I have struggled as I couldn’t overcome the half empty mentality. We had so much more planned for these princesses and some of them threw it all away. They made decisions that are going to shape their future. Those decisions don’t have to define their future, but it has definitely changed it. 

This last Sunday during church a young man shared about his 10 years of drug addiction and the battles he has overcome. God is now using him and many would have discarded him because he had many chances to change. I believe he now has a calling on his life. What better person to minister to those with addictions than someone that has finally overcome those same addictions. Yesterday I contemplated some of  the times I have disobeyed and completely shut God out. He had set my future on a course and I changed that course by making damaging decisions. During my early 20’s I resembled nothing like a Christian, except that I still went to church occasionally. I eventually returned to God and am so thankful for the way my parents set my foundation. I am so thankful that God welcomed me back with open arms. I am hoping that the girls that have made poor decisions don’t make them lifelong decisions as I believe God is always waiting for us. I continue to pray daily for those girls and all the children of CBC. As I sat in church this past Sunday, I was convicted, as God started reminding me of all the good He has accomplished using CBC. 

  • We have had 25 CBC family members accept Jesus Christ as Savior.
  • Bonnie has led over 25 groups to Honduras and many of those people have come back home willing to       serve wherever God needs them. Not just impacting Honduras, but the United States as well. 
  • We have built relationships with the Mayor of Choloma, School administrators, University administrators,   Choloma/Honduras Rotary and many other persons of power
  • We have been given 4 acres of land.
  • We have been invited to partner with several different schools.
  • 4 of our kids are attending a private bilingual school free of charge.
  • In the near future the International Rotary will be sending down equipment from a doctor’s office that will help many people in Choloma. CBC gets to play a small part in that.
  • We have had 5 babies born into the ministry.
  • We have rescued 2 girls right before they were to be sold, which opened up the doors for us to help redeem and restore so many girls that the government rescued.

There are so many other things that God has accomplished since CBC was formed. Thinking with a half empty mentality does a disservice to God. How do I know that the seeds that were planted won’t take root at some point and produce a sold-out servant at some point. I lost focus as I forgot that my job was to obey and not to agonize over what I considered a lack of results.God has a way of getting amazing results even when we can't seem to see them at the time.

We are STILL waiting on our land to be signed over to CBC. While the wait has been frustrating, it hasn’t been unfruitful. We weren’t rushed so we have tweaked the house plans to make them more efficient for our Children’s Homes. Because the International Rotary is sending down the doctor’s office equipment on a government plane, there may be an opportunity in the future for us to send down some building materials allowing us to build all the homes we need all at one time. There is a meeting in place to talk about a joint venture with the International Rotary, the Rotary in Choloma, the government of Choloma and CBC. If it happens it will be very exciting for everyone involved. God continues to do awesome things and I am blessed to be a part. God has done immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine and I can’t wait to see what He does next. 

Keith Barker