Southeastern University, Lake Wales Rotary Club and HighPoint Church

Southeastern University sent 5 students along with a professor to spend the week in Honduras. The SEU Group started out their week visiting a local agriculture school in Monterey and coming up with ideas to possibly partner in future agricultural projects. They also used their knowledge of business to teach the students at the Eagles School and Nuevo Destino School. 

The students at both these schools were given a bag of items and had to come up with a business plan. They then had to submit these ideas to their peers and to the SEU students. The SEU students were amazed at the creativity and entreprenural skills that the students in Honduras possessed. The students at these 2 schools loved the activity and learned alot about business and themselves at the same time. The SEU students are already planning a return trip in March of 2014.

The Breakfast Rotary Group had raised money to do a project for the Mother Teresa of Monterey. An elderly pastor saw the need to start a feeding program for children in her community. She asks the members of her church to bring in food each week to run this ministry. She serves these children everyday and does it so she knows that they will at least receive one good meal a day. 

She served these kids in an area with a dirt floor that made it difficult on rainy days. The Rotary group raised money to construct a cement slab and provided much of the labor to get that done. The pastor was overwhelmed and was so thankful that now she has an area where she can feed the kids whether its raining or sunny.

The mayor of Lake Wales, Eugene Fultz, became a celebrity as he was interviewed on TV by the mayor of Choloma. 

Kim May used her nursing skills to volunteer at a local doctor's office. This doctor provides the children at the CBC home with free medical care as he believes in what CBC is doing in his community.

I think the highlight of the week though was the transfomation of Marilou, who was taken out of a desperate situation and placed in a loving environment where she has already begun to thrive.

Keith Barker