The best Christmas EVER

I flew out of Orlando on Christmas Eve as I looked forward to spending Christmas with our girls at CBC Ministries. I was blessed to have my seat changed from the back of the plane to aisle 10. I was able to get off the plane quicker in Honduras which sometimes takes forever.  I ended up being the 2nd one through my line to get through customs. YEA!!! Saida and Hector (two members of CCR church in Choloma, Honduras) picked me up from the airport to take me to the celebration church service going on at CCR. To be honest I really wasn’t looking forward to going to church as I had a 7 hour layover in Miami and was tired of sitting. We arrived at the church and David Bermudez, son of the pastor, led us to the front row. I was kind of panicked as we were walking in 2 hours late and then we walked all the way to the front. During this service four couples from the church were married which was awesome to be a part of. Pastor Walter wrapped up the service as two girls came forward to give their lives to Jesus. I didn’t see them come to the front because I was in the front row and also because the 7 hour layover had melted my brain. Speaking Spanish, Pastor Walter asked me to come and help Pastor Patty pray over the girls as they accept Jesus as their Savior. He said something about the CBC Ministry but I missed it because it was in Spanish. I have been privileged in the past to pray over people in CCR as they begin their walk with Jesus. I prayed for strength and understanding for these two girls as they accepted Jesus. My wife Bonnie on her last trip settled four new girls (Nicol, Kenia, Nelsi, and Cinthia) and house parents (Tita and Emuel) into Casa Hannah. I had not met any of the girls in person yet, as this trip was set up to meet them and spend Christmas time with them. After we were done praying, the girl directly in front of me turned around and I just then realized that it was Nicol, a 17 year girl from Casa Hannah. I was overwhelmed with emotion as she clung to me. When I was done hugging Nicol, the other girl turned around and it was Kenia, also from Casa Hannah. Those were two of the best hugs I have ever had. I don’t believe that there will be an introduction for me that will trump this! I was only in Honduras a few hours and already I had been blessed beyond belief! This was by far the best Christmas present I could have hoped to receive.

Keith Barker