The Dedication of Little Emuel


What an awesome and life changing experience to be able to be a part of the dedication of baby Emuel - the first baby born into our ministry. He is the son of Anahi. Anahi came to CBC on January 23rd, 2014. She had escaped from her surroundings and ran to an INHFA office where they took her to Casita (a government run orphanage for girls). Her stay at Casita was short as she was told if she was really good she might get put into a private home. She was only at Casita 2 weeks. 

When she arrived in January she was 5 months pregnant and was full of distrust, sadness, anger, hurt, and bitterness. As the months leading up to her baby's birth continued some of those feelings were being stripped away as she realized she was in a safe caring place where others loved her, shown by their actions and not just their words.

I remember the day I first saw Anahi smile like it was yesterday. I was at Casa Hannah with Carole and Anahi in the kitchen. Carole was cooking and Anahi was cutting up a Mango. Carole cut up part of the Mango pit and told me it was really good. Anahi didn't stop me from eating it as Carole persuaded me to try it. I put a small part in my mouth and bit it. I immediately began spitting it out into the garbage can as it tasted AWFUL. I wanted to scrape my
tongue to get rid of the horrendous flavor. As I looked up, Anahi was smirking and I couldn't believe that she didn't stop me. When I asked her why she didn't stop me she just smiled. Tasting the pit was well worth it as in the beginning Anahi rarely smiled or laughed. 

Anahi became more and more comfortable and trusting as her pregnancy continued. Emuel David was born on May 30th and weighed 5 pounds, 8 ounces. He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Our CBC directors in Honduras (Emuel and Tita) made such an impact on Anahi that she changed the name she had picked out (Samuel) to Emuel. Emuel is pictured over my left shoulder holding Carole's son, Denselle. We are blessed to have such awesome people working in the CBC family. Anahi wanted to name her baby Samuel because she wanted to dedicate him to the Lord. She decided she could name him Emuel and still dedicate him to the Lord. 

I was holding Emuel in this picture as Bonnie prayed and challenged the whole CBC family and CCR church to invest in the life of little Emuel. Right before this Jinny Laderer and I surrounded Anahi and Emuel as scripture was read. As Bonnie encouraged Anahi to raise Emuel in a Christ-centered, loving environment, tears streamed down her face as she looked at her son. Tears welled up in my eyes as I contemplated the unbelievable change that has taken place in Anahi's heart and life since the first time I met her in January. This is an experience that I will never forget! 

Keith Barker