The Start of Something Great


We received our very first donation for our matching funds fundraiser "A Place to Call Home!" Don and Tracie Hobson of Flushing, Michigan designated a check for the first funds ($1000) to be matched by the Lake Wales Breakfast Rotary Foundation. We are super excited as this $1000 turns into $2000 with the matching funds. We are 1/25 of the way to reaching our goal of $50,000 with the combined monies. 

We will combine this money along with the promised $25,000 from HighPoint Church in Lake Wales, Florida. We are also praying that we hopefully land one of the $20,000 grants that we are a finalist for. If we can raise these funds so we can be matched by the Breakfast Rotary Foundation we will break ground during the 1st quarter of 2015. How awesome is that!!! We need this money to build 2 duplexes and move all our houses that we currently have full of girls to the property when the homes are finished. 

It is such a blessing to have been given land in a great location near our sister church, CCR in Choloma. We didn't have to spend money on land which will allow us to care for more girls in the future. With the closing of IHNFA we don't know what to expect, as we may be bombarded with pleas to take in abused girls that have no where to go. We want to be able to be in a place to respond to that need, if God places that on our hearts which he has so many other times. 

Having all our girls in permanent CBC Homes allows us the security to invest in our property and in the neighborhood around us as we are called to impact those around us for Christ. We are looking forward to the joint ministry opportunities with CCR church because our land and the church are so close in proximity. We do some joint ministry ventures now, but our future location will make it much easier and cost effective. 

If you don't support CBC already, please consider donating a one-time gift that will actually double because of the matching funds. We can't use any of our operation sponsorship dollars to help in the construction project. When we started CBC, we set it up so any money, unless designated for others projects, would always be used solely for the expenses for the girls. We are proud of this, but CBC needs your help in making, A Place to Call Home a reality for our girls that have lived with so much uncertainty. Would you please consider helping us make this dream a reality? 

Keith Barker