Welcoming Daisy and rejoicing with angels


On Thursday, February 20th we were able to welcome Daisy into the CBC family. She is a 16 year old that comes to us from Orphan Helpers. Daisy is pregnant and will be living in Casa Ruth with house parents Martha and Rakel. We now have two pregnant girls in Casa Ruth. Martha is an awesome house mom with a lot of compassion, understanding and love for her girls. CBC is grateful to for the opportunity to invest in Anahi and Daisy as their babies will grow up in the ministry. Martha will be able to teach them how to love and care for their babies. Martha and Rakel can model the mother and daughter relationship right in front of them as Martha and Rakel are a great mother/daughter team.

We also have a praise as CCR church will be baptizing 6 of the girls from our homes on March 5th. Marilu, Julissa, Maria, Carol, Jocelyn, and Kenia have all accepted Jesus as their Savior and want to be baptized. They are going through baptism classes and it is going to be an awesome day as Pastor Bonnie Barker will be baptizing the girls while down on a Southeastern University Mission trip. Rosa has already accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized in December. Our goal is to see all our girls follow God's plan for their life. 

Keith Barker