Welcoming Rosa into the family


On Saturday we welcomed a new addition to the CBC Children's Home. Rosa's parents died when she was 4 years old and she had to go to a government run orphanage because no family members could afford to take her in. One of family's friends couldn't stand the thought of her in an orphanage so she fought to get her out. She got Rosa out of the orphanage but she had to earn her keep by doing odd jobs. She collected bottles to recycle on the street and soon mastered the art of making tortillas. She bounced from house to house for years having no place to call home. We were asked if we could take her in and gladly said yes. Rosa is an awesome 13 year old sweetheart that is so appreciative to be part of a family. She is super excited about starting school, as school sometimes hasn't been an option because of her living environment. She was introduced in front of CCR church on Sunday and was overwhelmed with the churches love. She loved watching the dance team and Rosa is thrilled to become a member of the team. I can't wait to meet Rosa and see her dance during worship. Rosa asked alot of questions about God after the service and Rosalina (our house mother) shared the plan of salvation with her. She is seeking and has alot of questions about God and I believe its just a matter of time before she gives her heart to Jesus, which is the reason we do what we do.

Keith Barker