Welcoming Walter into our Home

Today we welcomed Walter into our Children's Home as the second boy to come to us from off the streets. He had escaped from a less than perfect place and decided to live on the streets because it was safer and felt more at home. A woman was looking to help him but he was sure if he was willing to trust her, as adults in his past hadn't always had his best interests at heart. He decided he wanted to try a life in a home so we were called. While we were a little apprehensive because of where he came from and how he was living on the streets, Pastor Johnny Obando was excited and eager to go get him as he has witnessed an awesome turnaround in our first boy Kevin. When Kevin met Walter they recongnized each other from the street. The boys are getting along great and are acting just like brothers. 

Walter got cleaned up and seemed extremely happy as we Skyped with them as one big family. Pastor Obando took them shopping to get Walter shoes as what he was wearing could not be considered shoes. Walter had to go to the doctors as he probably picked up a parasite and some other viruses while living on the street. He received an injection and some medicine and has to go back to the doctors next week to get rechecked. We are very excited to see what God has planned in the future.

Keith Barker