When a Dream Starts Becoming a Reality

Shortly after CBC was started, I began to dream about owning our own land in Honduras and how much easier and effective that would make doing ministry. We have been thinking, dreaming and planning ever since about what we would do with land if we were blessed with land. Two years ago we began looking for land, as we felt the land that was promised to us by the government, just wasn't in God's plan for CBC. Free isn't free if it isn't part of God's plan no matter how good it seems or sounds. I became slightly depressed as I thought of all the things we could have done with the money that we had to spend on land. Since then God has revealed that the land would have never been free and we would have spent the next 20 years or more "paying" for the land in one way or another.

Bonnie and I just returned from spending 3 weeks in Honduras and we were blown away with the completion of our girls houses and the awesome opportunity in front of us. The kitchen is completed and the group home has been started and is moving along quicker than expected. We have started our transitional program and by the end of October our group home will be completed. It will be so great to not have to be preoccupied with the logistics of traveling back and forth from the group home to the girls home a couple times a day with groups. We will also save nearly $1000 a month in expenses because we won't be paying on 4 of the houses we were renting. 

We now can invest in our land instead of having temporary projects be a waste of money. Little or big projects at CBC will now be an investment, as any project on our land can be a permanent fixture on our property. We now have a list of more than 20 different projects (scratch that the list is up to 25) we want to see completed in the next 2 years on CBC's property. My list of projects is growing on a daily basis as God is allowing me to see things more clearly as I am focusing on removing all the distractions that hinder me seeing his will clearly. 

Bonnie and I are truly blessed to have God allow us to serve in this capacity. While running CBC is a lot of work, we have been able to witness God's unending power, favor, grace, and authority on many different occasions, too many to name. God is never too slow or too fast and I usually miss this when I stress about how things are going to work out. When we slow down and walk with Him instead of being ahead or behind we see His power and plan for that moment unfold before our eyes.

Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare ourselves for what God has for CBC. I know its going to be exciting whatever He has planned.

Keith Barker