Why Are The Police Here?


We just returned from an awesome combined trip of HPC members, Christ's Church on the Move members, Lake Wales Breakfast Rotarian members, and Entourage Salon members. Bonnie and I were both there as well. I was so impressed with the interaction between this group and CBC girls. We love "our daughters and grandkids" and I want everyone else to see what we see in all of them. This group engaged the members of CBC and everyone else that we ran into in great fashion. 

We had an eventful filled week as we built and painted bathrooms at the elementary school at San Rafael. While some of the group painted the bathrooms the rest of us interacted with the kids in the community with activities and games. The students at this school were on vacation this week. We arrived at the school and there were only a handful of kids there as they saw us pull in. Bonnie asked them if they could go get their friends. Within minutes we went from four teams of 2 to 3 kids to 6 teams of 10 kids a piece. We had a blast with the students as we did relay games and provided a craft and snack for them. After we gave them a snack of cookies and soda, we provided a dental lesson on how to brush properly from Nurse Paula. We were able to pass out toothpaste and toothbrushes as Dr. Hulen, Dr. Reddick, Dr. Abramowitz, and the Lake Wales Charter School helped us make this possible. I have never seen students and parents so excited to receive toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We were also able to paint a Doctors office in Choloma. This doctor has helped CBC immensely as he has treated our girls for free which has saved us a ton of money. The Lake Wales Breakfast Rotary Foundation provided the paint and supplies for both projects. We also spent time in Monterey, where we did a craft, provided a snack and passed out dental supplies again. On the last day of the trip, the girls of CBC, were blessed with being able to go to a water park. They were afforded this opportunity by the Lake Wale Rotarians and Christ's Church on the Move and it was an awesome day. All of our new girls had never been to a water park and it was like a dream come true. Rotarian Jim Weaver accompanied some of our girls to the kids section of the park. I believe Jim had as much fun as the girls. He even had one of the lifeguards tell him the rides are for the kids as he was riding with the girls to "insure their safety." This is one of the many reasons why I appreciated this group very much. As the last day was winding down, Jim told Bonnie that this trip just doesn't seem complete. Every other trip Jim has been on, CBC has taken in another girl. It looked like that would not be the case this trip. Bonnie quickly told Jim, the trip isn't over yet! Bonnie and I got everyone set with luggage and the schedule for the morning as we were leaving for the airport at 5 the next morning. 

As we were getting ready for bed, I asked why are we not in bed yet? Soon we heard a police siren outside one of our homes. Bonnie asked why are the police here? We glanced out the window and wondered what was going on. A minute later there was a knock on the gate and mami Martha told us that DINAF needed to talk to us. DINAF is the new child advocate organization in Honduras. It was 10:30 at night. The police in Choloma had just picked up a little 9 year old girl who was wandering the streets. She was dirty, very scared, and had dirt tracks that were running down her face as she was crying. Marbella, one of the CBC girls that was staying with us in the house, welcomed Yahaira in and took great care of her. I was amazed at the compassion and sacrifice of Marbella as she helped Yahaira. Marbella picked her out some clothes and got her some supplies so she could take a shower. She loved the smell of her deodorant. After her shower and a little time with us, her demeanor changed; from terrified, to relaxed and comfortable in less than an hour. Yahaira had told us her dad is in prison and her mom was trying to leave Honduras and just left her and her 12 year old brother on the street. Yahaira's main concern when she arrived at the house was, "Can my brother stay here too, I am worried about him?"  They are currently looking for him and we are hopeful he will be found and be reunited with his sister. He will be the last addition to CBC until we start and finish building our houses, unless God intervenes and tells us differently. We will hopefully start the process soon. What a way to end an awesome trip!

Keith Barker