Worth The Ride

I was blessed today to be able to travel with many of our girls from CBC. Most of the girls and Diego went to do VBS at a local school in Bamboo. The photo is a picture of all the crazy girls that rode in the same truck as me. As you can probably tell we had a great time. The hour long ride to Bamboo was great and I will backtrack to that in a minute.

When we arrived in Bamboo, we were told that they canceled school today and that some of the students and the teacher were cleaning the school and the grounds of the school. They asked us if we wanted to help. We began raking, cutting the grass with a machete, painting, and picking up all the trash in and around the school. We worked for about an hour and then we were able to do VBS with the kids that were there. There were around 30 boys and girls that came to help out at their school.

The girls of CBC helped lead VBS and I am proud to say I led nothing. Nidia and Bryce led the games with no supervision and all the kids had a great time. Keila, Marisol, Guadalupe, Daniella, Rosy and a few others led worship, lesson, craft and handed out snacks. It was such a blessing to sit back and watch the girls serve and minister. They did a much better job than I could have with music, because if you have heard me sing you know the music has to be loud to drown out my voice. I am also craft challenged and I loved watching the girls help the kids, especially the younger ones. There were lots of good moments, but the best moment for me was the ride up to Bamboo. 

On the ride in the back of the truck, I was with the crazy group of girls pictured here. My daughters act like their crazy Mami Bonnie and Papi Keith. They were singing worship songs for most of the ride up there. God allowed me to have a moment to hear their awesome voices praising God in unison. Sometimes when things don't go as planned or as we think they should go, we miss out on seeing what God is doing because we focus on what isn't going right. 

I loved not missing the moment! God allowed me to think back to where some of the girls were a year ago. It was like God was saying, "look at what I have done and what I am doing."  The girls could be talking or singing other songs, but instead they are worshiping the God who redeemed them. I am being ever-amazed by a group of young ladies that make me so proud to call them my daughters. I pray that we continue to follow where God leads so that I can enjoy more moments where God shows up and shows off. 

Keith Barker