Sometimes I ask "Why"?

Compelled by Christ Ministries has changed my life in so many ways!  There are many days that I ask God “why” …. Why did He ask Keith and I, Why do I get the chance to serve with such wonderful people in Honduras, Why do I get the opportunity to love so many amazing young girls?  


Many times the “why” is different and this story is just one of those times!  A few weeks ago Pastora Patty messaged me and asked if we could take in a little girl (11)?  Without hesitation …. The answer was YES!  Pastora then sent me a picture of her and my heart broke and tears fell down my face! This precious little girl was in the hospital … she had suffered unimaginable abuse from her dad and step mom! 


I shared her picture and quick story with my family as we were on a family trip …. We prayed for her and silence filled the room for a few moments!  Our hearts broken for her!  


This sweet girl had been beaten with wooden objects, tied outside like a dog, never had a bed, never allowed to go to school, not allowed to eat with the family and barely even allowed to eat …. She was referred to as a “slave”!


She came to Compelled by Christ on September 3 in the evening.  So much has changed for her!  She has a bed, clothing, freedom, food (she loves to eat), sisters, love and hope in her eyes!  


No one should have to endure what she has in her short life … but God …. He is so good and kind and is close to the broken hearted!  She refers to Him often and shares about how He was always with her …. Especially in the darkest times!  I know that He has a special plan for her life and I am so thankful to have a small part in it!


Please continue to pray for her as she continues to transition to a new way of life!  

So thankful for the opportunity to serve,


Keith Barker